Hyster Intelligent Design delivers 15% fuel savings at Global ‘Big Truck’ event

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Materials handling equipment manufacturer Hyster announced new ‘Big Truck' developments that can deliver fuel savings in the region of 15%, at a high profile global event in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

More than 200 customers attended the Hyster event which took place in the first week of November at Hyster's world class ‘Big Truck' assembly line, attracting representatives from ports, terminals and heavy industry all over the world.

Antoon Cooijmans, Product Manager Big Trucks explains "Hyster is the first manufacturer to unveil a full range of production ready Big Trucks over 16 tonne lift capacity which are compliant with Tier 4i (Interim) / Stage IIIB emissions regulations". From January 2011, off-highway equipment - over 129 kW - including container handlers and high capacity forklift trucks will be affected by new emissions regulations, known as "Tier 4i", the EPA regulations for the North American market, and "Stage IIIB", the European Union equivalent.

"We have not only achieved compliance, we have used Hyster's Intelligent Design concept that delivers the same performance with less fuel consumption, further reducing the total cost of operation" Cooijmans says.

The Hyster team announced that it will now build the 16-18t and 25-32t forklift trucks and 5-8 high empty container handler ranges with the new Cummins QSB 6.7 engine. On the larger models, the emissions regulations will be met using the new Cummins QSL 9 which will now power Hyster's big 36-48t forklift trucks, laden container handlers and reachstackers.

In addition to the Cummins engine technologies, Hyster showed how Intelligent Design has introduced new performance optimisation developments, such as cooling on demand, auto-speed hydraulics, RPM management and alternate engine idle speed, to help further reduce the total fuel consumption in all applications.

There is also a special Hyster feature which allows the customer to select between a "High Performance" (HiP) or "ECO energy Low" (ECO-eLo) setting to suit their applications and make even further running cost reductions.

Cooijmans, one of the lead presenters at the event, adds "Depending on rating, duty cycle and application, the new Hyster trucks can achieve in the region of 15% better fuel consumption compared to the previous models. In some cases the savings can be over 20% with all the associated financial benefits".

Presentations, given by members of Hyster's technical team and a Hyster customer from a leading New Zealand port, were followed by product demonstrations, a factory tour and laser light show. Part of the Hyster factory was also turned into a stylish bar and reception area for the event where Hyster, Cummins and ZF exhibited their technologies.

Hyster also demonstrated other new developments including its Tyre Saver drive axle now available on the 5-8 high Empty Container Handlers which significantly reduces the overall cost of running empty container handling operations. Tyre wear, a major cost for port and terminal operations, can now be reduced by as much as an anticipated factor of 3 for the front (drive) tyres, plus 1.5 for the rear (steer) tyres, according to Hyster.

Cooijmans says "At the event, we clearly demonstrated how Hyster is leading with new technologies that make a big difference to users by reducing the cost of operation and maximising reliability. We have since had orders placed forSouth-East Asia, South America, Europe (including Russia), the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, and stimulated new enquiries in ports, terminals and heavy industry all over the world".

In support of Hyster's new developments, the company has created a dedicated ‘Big Truck' website and blog,www.hyster-bigtrucks.com, which includes information about the new regulations and new technologies from Hyster. Visitors can also take the factory tour, see videos and images from the event, and enter the Big Truck photo and video competition.